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Couples & Marriage Therapy

Meghan Sasso, LMHC

I used to be a cook before I entered the Clinical field almost 15 years ago and discovered my passion for Couples Therapy.  I came to realize working with Couples required the same type of attention & energy as balancing two unique sauté dishes at the same time. Don't look away for too long or you might miss something.  Both need my individual attention, have very different needs and must be treated with sensitivity & care. Shuffling sauté dishes on a hotline and working with Couples is a dance where often you must pivot, adjust, start from the top, create something new, exciting & unexpected.  I will do all of the above for you and your relationship.  I'm in it with you elbow deep even when the work isn't easy.

I work specifically with Couples around the topic of Sex, Desire, Intimacy, loss of physical connection, infidelity, addiction & shame.  I provide a space to process the difficult emotions around these sensitive topics.  I offer support & facilitate a journey to increased connectedness, leading towards a richer quality of love within a relationship, with your loved one and yourself.

Areas of Expertise

Couples & Marriage Therapy

Having trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy, the Gottman Method, under Esther Perel and working towards a Sex Therapy Certification, I consider my approach to be eclectic.  My goal is to help Couples identify where they get stuck and build the tools to find their own resolution and connectedness.  To get out of the same argumentative cycles or periods of silence.  I work to improve communication, increase intimacy, understand Substance Use, recover from infidelity and improve conflict resolution skills.  


I invite Couples and Individuals to explore how to find peace with relationships they have or potentially "saying goodbye" to a relationship that no longer serves them.  Also sometimes most importantly, supporting clients in best understanding and respecting the relationship they have with themselves.  


Also, having had a history working with Substance Use, I recognize the toll it can take on a Relationship and in the family.  I'll support those Couples and Individuals in working through the hurt and pain that can be caused when someone they loved is experiencing the disease of Addiction.  Our work can be used to process and heal.  Or if they, themselves, are trying to navigate long term recovery or chronic relapse.



My Story

MA, Mental Health Counseling

In 2010 I acquired a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling at Lesley University in Cambridge,  MA.  I spent the first 7 years of my career in Inpatient & Outpatient settings treating clients in recovery from Substance Use, supporting & educating those that loved them.  I provided information about the disease of Addiction & the journey of Recovery. Many clients brought in their partners to identify how to live a life sober with the one that they love, which then introduced me to the Couples modality.  I trained formally to gain skills in Couples therapy and over the past 5 years have found that working with Couples is my Clinical strength.

“Meghan has been instrumental in helping my husband and I work through some of the hardest moments in our relationship. We immediately both felt connected and supported by Meghan. Meghan's incredible ability to ask thoughtful questions without judgement or shame gave both of us space to communicate and listen. Meghan has been both an anchor and a beacon in her work with us. We are very grateful for her guidance!"



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Let me support you with Marital and Pre-marital circumstances, relationship concerns & enriching the relationship you have with yourself.

6 Harris Street

Newburyport MA 01950

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